Are You Shopping for a Scissor Lift Hire or a Boom Lift Rental in Sydney? Get Exactly What You Need from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift

At ABS, we dedicate ourselves to solving your access challenges Whether you need a work platform that will go higher than most of what is on the market or a scissor lift that can fit into super tight spaces, we can help Our goal is to help you find the exact boom lift or scissor lift rental you... ... read more.

Choosing the Right Scissor Lifts for Hire: Are Electric Lifts or Diesel Lifts Best to Rent?

If you are looking for an aerial work platform for a project your business is planning, you can’t go wrong with a scissor lift rental Scissor lifts can achieve high elevations, spacious work areas, and substantial load capacity Especially if you need a lift that can handle heavy loads of gear or... ... read more.

Scissor Lift or Boom Lift? Picking the Right Equipment to Rent for Your Aerial Project

You have a job coming up that involves elevated work You need an aerial lift platform you can use to get your team plus necessary tools and equipment up into the air to tackle project responsibilities Before you can start planning the details of your project, you need to pick a lift type Usually,... ... read more.

Tips for Indoor Boom Lift Rental

A boom lift, or aerial work platform, is a powered access platform or bucket attached to a long arm The platform can be extended upward and angled so an operator can access a work area high off the ground Australian Boom & Scissor Lift supplies boom lifts for use when performing tasks in... ... read more.

Considering a Boom Lift for Hire? Boom Lifts Explained

In the 1950s, a worker on a farm became frustrated by the amount of time he wasted climbing up and down a ladder and moving the ladder every time he wanted to pick fruit from a different part of the tree This led him to invent what he affectionately called a ‘giraffe’ In the 1960s, he patented... ... read more.

With a Scissor Lift for Hire from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift, Not Even the Sky is the Limit

Performing cleaning, repair, renovation, or painting at a high altitude can often be a challenge When you are facing an impressive façade with little room on the ground to manoeuvre or measuring your mettle against a mast with structures in your path, you’ll soon realise a scissor lift is your... ... read more.

How to Find an Indoor or Outdoor Scissor Lift for Rent at a Fair Rental Price

Since the first patent in 1963 in the USA, the scissor lift has proven its worth for tasks at elevated altitudes and rapid loading and unloading With this versatility and utility, it’s no wonder countless companies around the globe offer models in different configurations with manual steering,... ... read more.

Want a Cherry Picker for Hire? Turn to Australian Boom & Scissor Lift

Whether you need a relatively small and light self-propelled machine to use in a shopping centre or indoor work or a powerful engine to access high-rise buildings, power lines, or tall fruit trees, choosing to hire a cherry picker from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift is the best value for your... ... read more.

Looking for a Cherry Picker to Hire in Sydney? Look No Further

Your work might take you and your crew to interesting places, but only if you’re able to reach them Sometimes, performing work in limited access areas can be tricky unless you have the proper equipment at your disposal Fortunately, cherry pickers are designed with versatility in mind They’ll... ... read more.

Where to Go for Your Yellow Card or EWP Training: Take a Course in Sydney Today

Power lifts are excellent for helping you, and your team members reach high areas or those where access is limited by other factors However, not anyone is legally allowed to operate a lift If you want to remain in compliance with Australian operational health and safety standards, you will need to... ... read more.

Start Using Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts on Your Project Worksite, with Lift Training Courses in Sydney

If your team is taking on a job that involves working at heights, then you probably need a scissor lift or a boom lift to make the project possible Countless industries use working platform lifts on a regular basis, from installation professionals to roofers and beyond However, if no one in your... ... read more.