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Considering a Boom Lift for Hire? Boom Lifts Explained

In the 1950s, a worker on a farm became frustrated by the amount of time he wasted climbing up and down a ladder and moving the ladder every time he wanted to pick fruit from a different part of the tree. This led him to invent what he affectionately called a ‘giraffe’. In the 1960s, he patented his power-operated boom structure, and it soon became a common sight in farm orchards.

Farmworkers called this new lifting apparatus a cherry-picker, and the name sticks to this day. In farming, construction, and industry, boom lifts have largely replaced ladders and scaffolds. Let’s explore some of their benefits.

Want to Increase Safety and Productivity? Hire a Boom Lift!

Scaffolds are time-consuming to construct and are not ideal for use on uneven ground or in confined spaces. Because boom lifts have buckets and guard rails, there is less danger to workers compared to scaffolds. Operators are required to be trained and licenced, which ensures greater safety for workers.

Many companies prefer boom lift hire or scissor lift hire when a project calls for an elevated work platform. Scissor lifts are best suited for areas such as high shelves or the sides of a building where only vertical lift is required. Scissor lifts only elevate and can’t be manoeuvred or angled. Boom lifts extend vertically and can also be adjusted to various angles. Some boom lifts such as knuckle joint lifts can reach even the most inaccessible areas with their ‘up and over’ articulated booms.

What Are the Different Types of Boom Lifts?

There are various types of boom lifts for hire with unique benefits depending on your work needs.

  • Mast boom lifts, also called stick boom lifts, have a fixed boom, and only extend vertically. Many models are electric-powered, which makes them ideal for indoor use. Mast boom lifts are a mobile mechanical ladder primarily used to elevate personnel to high levels in warehouses.
  • Telescopic boom lifts have a beam that extends out and upwards at an angle. The beam is mounted on a rotating platform so that the bucket can also be adjusted sideways. Telescopic boom lifts are mostly used for outdoor work such as electrical cable repair and window washing.
  • Knuckle boom lifts have an articulated boom that allows the bucket at the end to be lifted ‘up and over’ obstacles in an action resembling a bent finger. The boom is mounted on a turntable base that can rotate in a full circle. Articulated boom lifts can be used on uneven terrain and can reach inaccessible areas.

Before you hire a boom lift, ensure you have chosen the right type. Boom lifts can be electrical or fuel powered, and the load capacity and height extension depend on the model. Some boom lifts are meant to operate on level ground and others are suitable for all terrains.

The variety and number of options can get overwhelming. Why not let Australian Boom & Scissor Lift do a site inspection and recommend the best model for your needs? We offer a diverse selection of boom lifts for hire and provide associated services such as maintenance and repairs as well as training for operators. Contact Australian Boom & Scissor Lift today. We are proud to serve the entire Sydney area.