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Sydney Boom Lifts For Hire

Committed to providing our customers with the most suitable equipment for their requirements, ABS has a fleet of more than 14 different boom lifts for hire. Our comprehensive fleet of equipment includes diesel and electric boom lifts for hire as well as electric vertical mast models to provide you with the flexibility and selection to find the perfect solution to your industry's access needs.

The team at ABS partners with leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure that all of our equipment is designed to provide incredible workload capacities, greater levels of comfort for operators and increased safety. This commitment to quality and safety has given ABS a reputation for excellence in diesel and electric boom lift hire.

Electric and Diesel Options

Our fleet of electric equipment are generally used for indoor projects and offer state-of-the-art dry fit traction block batteries to guarantee long hours of operation.

With the capability to negotiate rough terrain and reach heights of more than 24m, our diesel machines are perfect for outdoor projects that require greater stability and equipment durability. Thanks to silenced engines, operators get the power they expect with minimal noise.

Easy and Convenient Fleet Hire

For electric/diesel boom lift hire or electric/diesel scissor lift hire, ABS is your choice for a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment suitable to a wide range of industries in the Sydney metro area. Explore our fleet or get in touch with us directly for more information on determining the right machine for your needs. For long term rentals ABS also serves regional areas beyond Sydney. Contact us directly for details.

ModelPlatform heightSWL
Z30-20  9.10m (30ft)  227Kg 
HA 12IP  10.00m (32ft)  230Kg
HA 15IP 13.00m (42ft) 230Kg
Z45-22 DC 13.70m (45ft) 227kg
ModelPlatform heightSWL
HA 120PX 10.40m (34ft) 230kg
Z34-22 4x4 10.62m (34ft) 227kg
HA 16PX 4x4 14.00m (40ft) 230kg
Z45/25J RT  14.07m 227kg
HA 18PX 4x4 15.30m (50ft) 230kg
Z51/30J RT  15.62m 227kg
Z60/34 4x4 18.39m (60ft) 227kg
S65D 4x4 19.80m (65ft) 227kg
800 AJ 24.38m (80ft) 227kg
SJ86 T26.21m341kg
ModelPlatform heightSWL
MVP100E 10.00m 150kg
 SJ16  4.75m 227kg

Boom Lift for Rent

Scissor Lift or Boom Lift? Picking the Right Equipment to Rent for Your Aerial Project

You have a job coming up that involves elevated work. You need an aerial lift platform you can use to get your team plus necessary tools and equipment up into the air to tackle project responsibilities. Before you can start planning the details of your project, you need to pick a lift type. Usually, the question comes down to two types of lifts: do you rent a boom lift or a scissor lift?

The Differences Between Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts

Australian Boom & Scissor Lift (ABS) has a fleet of more than 200 aerial lifts, including both scissor lifts and boom lifts. If you are looking for a boom for rent, we can provide it. We have a wide variety of each of these lift types, which means we can help you find precisely what you need for your project. If you aren’t sure whether a boom lift or scissor lift is right for the job, we can offer some advice on the subject.

Scissor lifts feature crisscrossing braces that look like scissors. These braces extend upward and carry your workers to the elevated area of interest for your project. Scissor lifts have high weight capacity and typically boast large platforms—features that make them ideal for carrying large crews or big pieces of equipment to an elevated worksite.

The main drawback of scissor lifts is that they offer limited manoeuvrability. Most scissor lifts can only go straight up, which means you need to get the base, or the wheeled part of the lift, directly below the elevated area you are trying to reach. Depending on the layout of the project site, it may not be possible to get a scissor lift where it needs to be to reach the elevated area.

In such cases, look for a boom lift for rent. Boom lifts feature a platform situated on the end of a hydraulic arm. This arm design offers much more manoeuvrability than you can achieve with a scissor lift. The arms can be angled in many different directions to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Boom lifts can also typically achieve higher heights than scissor lifts. The trade-off is that boom lifts usually can’t hold as much weight, which means you get a smaller platform, less working space, and fewer options for using heavy equipment on elevated jobs.

Arrange a Scissor Lift or Boom for Rent from ABS

At ABS, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of these lift types based on how the options will impact your project. From there, we can work with you to choose the right lift for rent.

Whether you rent a boom lift or a scissor lift, you can expect a high-quality, well-maintained piece of equipment with superb customer support and service to match. Get in touch today to get started.