Boom Lift and Scissor Lift Training Courses in Sydney

Start Using Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts on Your Project Worksite, with Lift Training Courses in Sydney

If your team is taking on a job that involves working at heights, then you probably need a scissor lift or a boom lift to make the project possible. Countless industries use working platform lifts on a regular basis, from installation professionals to roofers and beyond. However, if no one in your organisation is trained to operate a boom lift or a scissor lift, then you might be limited in your ability to take on these projects that involve elevated work.

Remove those limitations from the equation by scheduling boom lift or scissor lift training in Sydney. At ABS (Australian Boom & Scissor Lift), we not only offer one of the most extensive boom and scissor lift rental fleets in Australia, but we are also accredited to provide training in the safe operation of these equipment pieces.

About Our Scissor and Boom Lift Training in Sydney

If you’re thinking about scheduling a scissor lift course in Sydney—whether for yourself or a few members of your team—you might be wondering what to expect from this type of course. You might even be wondering whether you need the course in the first place.

First, you absolutely need to go through a training course if you wish to operate a scissor lift or boom lift on a legal basis. Anyone operating platform lift equipment—including scissor lifts, vertical lifts, boom lifts and truck mounted booms—needs to have what is called a ‘Yellow Card’ to do so legally. You can only get a Yellow Card by going through a training course that has been accredited by the Elevated Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA).

As far as course expectations go, know that the EWPA course we offer at ABS includes three modules: scissor lifts, vertical lifts and boom lifts (under 11 metres). Completing the course will net you licences to operate all three types of lifts. Courses usually only constitute a one-day commitment and typically take place on Saturdays. Each course includes a course guarantee, which means you’re guaranteed a course session as soon as you book and pay. We don’t cancel classes based on how many students are signed up any given week.

Add Lift-Based Work to Your Company’s Capabilities

Going through our scissor lift and boom lift training in Sydney is a minor time commitment but can yield major benefits for your business. Being able to operate and use a boom lift, vertical lift, or scissor lift will allow you to take on more jobs and projects, safely handle potentially dangerous contracts, and complete challenging work more quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, you won’t need to purchase boom lifts or scissor lifts to start adding these new capabilities into your business model. Instead, you can just rent a piece of equipment from ABS, based on what you need for any given project. Our lifts run the range of sizes, heights, and designs, which means we have something suitable for virtually any project.

Don’t leave money on the table by not being able to undertake projects that involve working at heights. Instead, enrol in a scissor lift/boom lift course in Sydney today. Call ABS to schedule your course.