Cherry Picker for Hire Sydney

Want a Cherry Picker for Hire? Turn to Australian Boom & Scissor Lift

Whether you need a relatively small and light self-propelled machine to use in a shopping centre or indoor work or a powerful engine to access high-rise buildings, power lines, or tall fruit trees, choosing to hire a cherry picker from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift is the best value for your money. Regardless of the scope of your need, we have the ideal cherry picker for hire. Our fleet offers an awe-inspiring variety for every small or large purpose.

Cherry pickers provide some excellent advantages. These models are adaptable and versatile, which saves you precious time and money. They hardly need any room. If your working surface is too cluttered to place a ladder or build a scaffold, a flexible cherry picker to hire may be the answer. If handled by responsible and properly-trained personnel, these machines provide safety advantages that are beyond question, too.

Why hire a cherry picker if you can buy one?

There are a few reasons to hire instead of buy your next cherry picker. Here are a few to consider.

  • If you regularly need a cherry picker for your work for a relatively long time, then buying is the best option. However, if you only need one for specific tasks every year, then hiring is far more economical.
  • Cherry picker manufacturers constantly improve their machines to stay on top of a highly competitive market. This is to the benefit of new buyers, but only for a year or so. After that, they're left with an outdated vehicle for which they paid a lot. Whichever cherry picker you hire at ABS, you'll pay an affordable price and the machine will be either new or in excellent used condition. You'll have some nifty options at your command, ensuring you stay ahead of your competition. Think of the cost-effectiveness: your operators will be working with new and safe equipment, increasing their motivation and productivity.
  • With a hired cherry picker, you won't need to worry about insurance papers, inspection rounds, maintenance, or repairs.
  • Do you have a variety of tasks to do? Profit from the versatility of nearly 50 different models in our machinery, from swift, small, and eco-friendly to so large and high they astonish. There won't be any assignment you cannot fulfil.

Rely on Australian Boom & Scissor Lift

At Australian Boom & Scissor Lift, you'll find a comprehensive range of cherry pickers for both interior and exterior applications, including a 26-metre scissor lift—the highest in Australia. Have you just hired a new operator in need of a Yellow Card? Our rates for training course are as affordable as our rental prices.

Call us or e-mail us to seize the advantages that accompany hiring a cherry picker instead of buying. Profit from our complete lift solutions for any sector of work backed by 20 years of experience, extensive know-how, reliability, tailor-made solutions, and excellent customer service.