Company Profile

Our Story
Since its founding in 1997, Australian Boom & Scissor Lift P/L has been delivering on its commitment to providing high quality solutions to the access problems of a wide range of industries. We specialise in diesel and electric scissor lift hire and diesel and electric boom lift hire in the Sydney metro area

Today our fleet has grown to nearly 200 units to provide our customers the diesel/electric boom lifts and diesel/electric scissor lifts to fit indoor, outdoor, narrow space and incredible height requirements. Many of our large scissor lifts are unique to the Australian industry, including our large scissor lift platform that reaches a height of 26m.

Our Philosophy

The team at ABS lives by the ideals that quality is the key to customer satisfaction. We model our business practice on the following philosophy:

“There is hardly anything in this world that somebody cannot do a little bit worse and sell at a lower price.

People who are dictated by price are easy prey for these machinations.

It is imprudent to pay too much but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too little, sometimes you lose everything since the object you have bought cannot fulfil the task it has been set. According to the law of economy it is not possible to acquire high value with little money. Accept the lowest offer and you take the risk that you may need to incur extra costs.

If this is the case then you also have enough money to pay for something better”.

(K. Ruskin, English social reformer 1819 -1900)

Meeting the Needs of Customers across NSW

For diesel and electric scissor lift hire, including large scissor lifts, and diesel and electric boom lift hire in the Sydney metro area, get in touch with us today. We also provide long-term hiring solutions in The Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Central Coast or Newcastle.