Scissor Lifts for Hire Sydney

Choosing the Right Scissor Lifts for Hire: Are Electric Lifts or Diesel Lifts Best to Rent in Sydney?

If you are looking for an aerial work platform for a project your business is planning, you can’t go wrong with a scissor lift rental. Scissor lifts can achieve high elevations, spacious work areas, and substantial load capacity. Especially if you need a lift that can handle heavy loads of gear or equipment, scissor lifts will suit your project better than most other types of aerial lifts.

If you are leaning toward a scissor lift, you might be wondering which lift you should choose. Should you be shopping for an electric scissor lift for hire? Or would your project benefit more from a diesel-powered unit?

Electric Scissor Lifts Versus Diesel Scissor Lifts

At Australian Boom & Scissor Lift, we have a sizable fleet of aerial lifts, including scissor lifts in both electric and diesel variations. Customers often ask us which scissor lift is right for their project. Here’s what we usually tell them:

Electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor aerial work. The biggest problem with diesel lifts is that they emit fumes. The same cannot be said for electric lifts, which makes them ideal for indoor projects. You would likely opt for electric scissor lifts if you were working in a tight or compact workspace.

Even for smaller or narrower spaces that are outdoors or very well ventilated, electric scissor lifts rentals are usually the best option. Many indoor electric scissor lift models feature long, narrow work platforms. These platforms are designed to allow workers to access tight spaces in warehouses or other indoor environments but still have benefits for outdoor projects. If you’d prefer a longer work platform for a wider design, you will probably be shopping for electric models.

Diesel scissor lifts are much more common for outdoor aerial work. They emit pungent fumes, which means they are only safe for operation in open areas. As a trade-off, diesel units pack more power than their electric counterparts. They typically come equipped with four-wheel drive and are designed for use on rough terrain.

If your work area features slopes or uneven, rugged terrain, you will likely need a diesel scissor lift to navigate it. Diesel scissor lifts also tend to have larger work platforms, which is good if you are planning on fitting a lot of workers or equipment on the platform at once.

Book Your Diesel or Electric Scissor Lifts for Rent Today

Whether you are looking to hire electric scissor lifts or rent a diesel-powered unit, ABS can help. If you need a scissor lift for your project, get in touch with us today. We can advise you on which piece of equipment is right for your project, from picking electric over diesel (or vice versa) to pointing you toward the best-fit model. You can contact us through our website.