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Informative training courses



ABS offers the EWPA accredited Yellow Card. The Yellow Card is required for operators of:

Scissor Lifts

Vertical Lifts

Boom Lifts (under 11 metres)

Truck Mounted booms (under 11 metres)

Trailer Mounted Booms (Under 11 metres).

The standard ABS Yellow Card course covers 3 modules, Scissor and Vertical Lifts, Boom lifts under 11 metres.

We offer a course guarantee which means you won’t be receiving a call the night before cancelling the course because the minimum amount of trainees hasn’t been achieved.

The courses are run by an EWP specialist trainer who conducts informative and entertaining courses designed to keep the trainee interested. To date he has successfully trained in excess of 2,000 operators.

Scissor lift training, boom lift training (under 11m)  and vertical lift training courses are essential in keeping operators and workers safe in the workplace.

Once you have completed the training course and are deemed to be competent you will be issued with a scissor lift license, boom lift license and vertical lift license.

Courses are generally run on weekdays and on Saturdays by arrangement. Please call for course availability.


Courses are conducted at 3 Lennox Place, Wetherill Park 2164, starting at 6.30am. Courses are usually concluded around midday, depending on class numbers. On site training available upon request.


Our standard course covers 3 modules, scissor lifts, vertical lifts and booms under 11 metres.


Please contact ABS for a quote on the training courses or contact Phil (m)0415 976 657. The quoted price includes all course material and the photo ID card which will be posted to the trainee (or wherever they nominate). The trainees will receive an email on the day of training advising of the successful completion of the course and the operator license number. This can then be used as proof of course completion until receipt of the Yellow Card.