Indoor or Outdoor Scissor Lift for Rent

How to Find an Indoor or Outdoor Scissor Lift for Rent at a Fair Rental Price

Since the first patent in 1963 in the USA, the scissor lift has proven its worth for tasks at elevated altitudes and rapid loading and unloading. With this versatility and utility, it’s no wonder countless companies around the globe offer models in different configurations with manual steering, vehicle mounting, self-propelling, rough terrain-handling, or omnidirectional designs with support legs.

What is the use of owning several specialised platforms if you only plan to use one at a time? While you may have a once-off need for a lift, the rest of your lifting equipment will be gathering dust and rust in a shed if you invest in a model to suit every need that arises. Such an investment simply wouldn't pay off.

If your need is immediate but your work or budget is unsuited for a full scissor lift purchase, consider scissor lift rental with Australian Boom & Scissor Lift. You'll always have a highly efficient platform at your disposal for the specific task you need to carry out. Your scissor lift will be in perfect shape: we maintain our machines properly and store them safely. We even take care of insurance and all necessary inspections for you.

A scissor lift for rent, adaptable to any application

Are you seeking an electric scissor lift for indoor applications, or would you rather have a diesel-powered device to navigate unstable, muddy terrain? Perhaps you need an eco-friendly battery-powered model with non-marking tyres so you don't have to worry about leaving traces on the floor. At ABS, we offer these elevating working platforms and many more.

Indoor scissor lift rental will provide you with an electric or battery-operated machine that can guarantee quieter operation and zero emission. You can count on our outdoor scissor lift rental for heavy-duty work on terrains that aren't perfectly level and smooth or if you need to bridge maximal height differences. Some of our equipment is unique in the Australian rental market: nowhere in Australia but here will you find a 26-metre scissor lift.

Increase your productivity while not spending one cent too many

Don't give yourself a headache trying to figure out which machines you need to buy. Accessing a different scissor lift for rent every time you need to carry out a specialised task is much more practical. At ABS, we offer no less than thirty models, each with their own characteristics.

Our quotes are free, and our prices are highly affordable. Since we are located in Western Sydney, we can usually serve the city's metropolitan area within a day. For locations further away, you'll be surprised when you rent a scissor lift from us how quickly it will arrive, ready to do your bidding.

More than just a wide selection, you can count on us for advice. Even the most experienced construction worker will sometimes be confronted with an assignment that leaves him or her uncertain about which elevating work platform will be best. In that case, feel free to contact us. We know our scissor lifts inside-out and have seen our clients deploy them for a multitude of tasks. We’re here to put our knowledge to use to make your next job easier.