Sydney Scissor Lift for Hire from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift

With a Scissor Lift for Hire from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift, Not Even the Sky is the Limit

Performing cleaning, repair, renovation, or painting at a high altitude can often be a challenge. When you are facing an impressive façade with little room on the ground to manoeuvre or measuring your mettle against a mast with structures in your path, you’ll soon realise a scissor lift is your ideal helper.

For assignments which occur only a few times each year, buying an elevating work platform (EWP) to expand your machinery may be too much of an investment. If the prospect of constantly keeping the equipment in tip-top shape doesn't appeal to you, and if you don't have the time to take care of regular machine inspections, insurance, regulations, and repairs, an alternative solution awaits.

Consider a scissor lift for hire from Australian Boom & Scissor Lift, and let us take care of all the necessary admin. All our machinery is serviced to EWPA (Elevated Work Platform Association) standards for your peace-of-mind.

How to hire the scissor lift that fits your exact needs

At Australian Boom & Scissor Lift, we offer more than 30 models of scissor lifts for both indoor and outdoor use. Our lifts come from some of the best manufacturers in the world, such as German Liftlux, American JLG (founded by John L. Grove, a pioneer in the field), and Haulotte. Most of the models are electrical and compact, but our diesel-powered lifts provide a powerful and versatile alternative. One of these models expands to an impressive 85 feet and can lift as much as 1,000 kilograms. Nowhere in Australia will you find a larger scissor lift for hire.

Large does not necessarily mean best-suited for the task at hand; what you need is a platform that accommodates your specific needs. You are welcome to browse our high-quality equipment fleet yourself. Download our scissor lift specification brochure for the complete details. For every situation ahead of you, you can hire a scissor lift from ABS to suit it.

Support as versatile as the work platforms we offer for hire

We pride ourselves on our short delivery timeframes in the Sydney metro area, but if your site is situated in the Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Central Coast, or Newcastle, you can count on us for fast and reliable delivery, too. We provide training at a highly competitive price for your operators if they don't have an EWPA-accredited Yellow Card yet.

Since we have more than twenty years of experience in this field, there's hardly a situation we haven't encountered yet, so you'll get valuable advice when you contact us. Our quote is free. You can hire scissor lifts for just a few days or an extended period. For a tailor-made solution, do not hesitate to call us on (02) 9678 9666 or send us an e-mail.