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Scissor Lifts

The extensive range of self-propelled scissor lifts for hire from ABS offers the most productive and economic lifting solutions to customers in the Sydney metro area with a wide range of access problems. Our inventory includes more than 30 different models of diesel scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts for hire making it easy to find the most appropriate machine for your needs.

Whether your job requires the extra narrow access capabilities of our 760m m wide model or stable and durable access for rough terrains, scissor lift hire from ABS is easy and convenient. Our electric machines are fitted with the latest dry fit traction block batteries, guaranteeing long hours of operation for indoor requirements while our diesel machines are fitted with a powerful silenced diesel engine and are capable of negotiating through rough terrain with ease. All diesel machines are four wheel drive and have a differential lock system including an oscillating axle on some.

A Solution for Every Access Problem

With an incredibly diverse range of equipment for hire, ABS can provide lifting solutions for a huge range of requirements in diverse industries. All of our diesel/electric scissor lift platforms are equipped with an overload protection device, which deactivates any function (including lowering) once the platform exceeds the stated maximum SWL.

  • Electric Scissor Lifts – Most of our electric scissor lifts were designed and manufactured by the German brand LIFTLUX. With a reputation for offering tremendous stability and rigidity, ABS trusts these machines for their ability to provide greater comfort for the operator when working at extreme heights, increased work load capacities and a high level of safety.
  • Diesel Scissor Lifts – Our entire range of diesel scissor lifts come equipped with a self-levelling system. Four hydraulic outriggers with a self-levelling device can be activated on uneven terrain for the fast levelling of the platform with +/- 1 degree of accuracy. Use of the outrigger is optional meaning machines can be driven while elevated within an inclination of 3 degrees.
  • Large Scissor Lifts – Providing a highly suitable solution to any access problem is the goal of ABS, which is why we carry a range of large scissor lifts for hire that provide incredible height, including measurements up to 26m. As with all of our diesel/electric scissor lifts, they provide incredible stability and reliability to give you a productive and economic lifting solution.


Providing Solutions to Your Needs

For more information on scissor lift hire, including the large scissor lifts, get in touch with the team at ABS to determine the most suitable equipment for your needs. Committed to providing our customers with a large selection of equipment for easy and convenient project management, we also offer boom lift hire in the Sydney metro area and beyond.

ModelPlatform heightSWL
GS 1930 5.80m (19ft) 227Kg
SO6-E 5.80m (19ft) 230Kg
GS 1932 5.80m (19ft) 227Kg
Optimum 8 5.8m (19ft) 227kg
Compact 8 6.20m (21ft) 350kg
Compact 8W6.25m(21ft)450kg
SL 64-14 6.40m (21ft) 300kg
GS 2632 7.92m (26ft) 227kg
Compact 10 8.25m (27ft) 450kg
SL 83-10 8.30m (27ft) 350kg
SL 83-12 8.30m (27ft) 420kg
SL 83-16 8.30m (27ft) 400kg
GS 3232 9.75m (32ft) 227kg
Compact 12 10.00m (33ft) 300kg
SL 108-12 10.80m (36ft) 500kg
SL 108-16 10.80m (36ft) 500kg
Compact 1411.85m(39ft)350kg
SL 125-12 12.50m (41ft) 500kg
SL 125-18 12.50m (41ft) 1000kg
SL 153-12 15.30m (50ft) 500kg
SL 153-18 15.30m (50ft) 750kg
ModelPlatform heightSWL
GS 3268 RT 9.75m (32ft) 454kg
Compact 12 DX 10.15m (33ft) 450kg
GS 3384 RT 10.80m (36ft) 1,134kg
SL 110-20 4WDS 11.00m (37ft) 750kg
SL 125-22 4WDS 12.50m (41ft) 1000kg
SL 153-22 4WDS 15.30m (50ft) 750kg
SL 153-22 4WDS-L 15.30m (50ft) 750kg
ModelPlatform heightSWL
SL 172-24 4WDS 17.20m (56ft) 750kg
SL 205-25 4WDS 20.50m (67ft) 1000kg
SL 260-25 4WDS 26.30m (85ft) 1000kg